Jump Start

At Whistle Stop Station and By the Barnyard Gate our Jumpstart classes are an exciting stage of your child’s life, and we want to nurture their growth both mentally and physically with many different stimulating activities.

Christian Curriculum

Along with our educational curriculum we will enhance your child’s moral development by teaching a Christian curriculum.  Whistle Stop Station and By the Barnyard Gate is a Christian school and we want to provide an environment to show the love of God to every child who attends.  Each lesson will provide your child with a Bible-based, non-denominational, kid-friendly, Faith Lesson to help your child understand what God’s Word means for them.

Educational Learning

Alongside pre-kindergarten B, Jump Start uses McGraw Hill Learning curriculum to challenge each student to make great strides to help prepare them for kindergarten. In Jump Start the curriculum will be enhanced to fit the needs of the students to further their education and readiness to prepare them for kindergarten. McGraw Hill Learning is a comprehensive research-based program that develops children’s minds and bodies through carefully selected and sequenced learning experiences.

Teachers in this classroom will inhibit learning by leading circle time where they will conduct small group academic instruction.  The teachers will lead the group in social and emotional development, language and communication, mathematics, science, social studies and fine arts.  We strive to have a structured classroom to be tailored for learning.  Children enrolled in our prekindergarten will be better prepared for the social and educational challenges in kindergarten.

Social and Physical Development

Your child will participate in many indoor and outdoor activities to help support the growth and development of their bodies.  In Jump Start you will see eight different centers which will promote your child’s physical and social development.  From home living center to our manipulative center, our classrooms will have an area to fit your child’s play habits.

We ask all parents to bring:

  • Change of clothes
  • Back pack
  • Small size pillow and blanket for nap time

In the Jumpstart room we use the McGraw DLM Early Childhood Express Accredited program. Students will also participate  in in athletics for extra curricular activities. If you have any questions or would like further information, please e-mail us using our contact page.